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WIESTLING, JOSHUA MARTIN, M.D., son of Dr. Samuel Christopher Wiestling, was born February 28, 1797, in Susquehanna township, Dauphin county, Pa.; baptized at Shoop’s church by Rev. Christian H. Kurtz, and died January 15, 1854, at Harrisburg, Pa. In the year 1811, being then of the age of fourteen years , he moved with his parents into the town of Harrisburg, where he continued to reside until his death. Although afforded but limited facilities of acquiring an education by attending the schools of that period, yet, having the advantage of the instructions of his father, who was a man of a thorough education and culture, and being himself an indefatigable student, reading and studying whenever and however the opportunity presented, he grew to manhood with his naturally fine mental endowments admirably cultivated and liberally developed. Of studious habits and love of knowledge, these characteristics adhered to him throughout his life. A man of original thinking powers, and possessed of mental capacity of a high order, he gave, notwithstanding an extensive and laborious medical pratice, diligent investigation to all the leading questions of the day, and careful study in the wide and diversified field of general knowledge. He was, consequently, upon all the leading subjects of information, a natural scholar, and throughout his whole life, was recognized by his fellow-townsmen as in the front rank of generous knowledge, and a man of very general powers. His special field of usefulness, however, was that of medicine. In his preparation for his profession his preceptors were his father, Dr. Samuel C. Wiestling, Sr., and an elder brother, Dr. Samuel C. Wiestling, Jr., both thoroughly educated physicans of skill and wide experience. He attended the course of medical lectures of the University of Pennsylvania. His father becoming disabled to continue in active practice by reason of a paralytic stroke in the year 1817, he succeeded him in his profession, first in partnership with his brother, Dr. Samuel C. Wiestling, Jr., which continued for a few years, and subsequently alone. This was about the year 1821 or 1822. Acquiring a large and extensive practice, both in town and country, he prosecuted the duties of his profession with a degree of faithful devotion and judicious skill, which won for him the admiration and high regard of the medical fraternity and the unlimited confidence of the whole community until his death. In stature he was about six feet in height, broad shouldered, of large head, erect in carriage, full chested, rather stout in figure and person, and dignified in appearance. He was of a cheerful disposition, affable in his manners, generous in his impulses, of sympathetic and benevolent habits, unselfish and forebearing, and , as a consequence, he was popular throughout his life. Dr. Wiestling married, January 22, 1824, Catharine Youse, born March 24, 1800; d. March 4, 1854, at Harrisburg, Pa.; daughter of George and Mary Youse.


Dorothy Bumbaugh

Sidney, Indiana page 355-356