WILSON, Thomas
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WILSON, Thomas, of Scotch-Irish parentage, was born in Philadelphia about 1768. He learned the trade of a printer, was a gentleman of considerable literary attainments, and wrote freely on the subjects of his time for the leading newspapers of his native city. In 1811 he removed to Baltimore, where he conducted a newspaper. In defense of that city, when attacked by the British in 1814, he enlisted as a private in Capt. James McConkey's company of the Twenty-seventh regiment of Maryland volunteers, commanded by Lieut. Col. Kennedy Long. In 1816 Mr. Wilson returned to Philadelphia, where he became foreman on Mr. Duane's newspaper, The Aurora, contributing also to its columns. He died at Philadelphia about 1828. He married Lydia Oakford, of English parentage, who survived her husband several years. Mr. Wilson was the author of a number of works, the names of only two, however, coming to our knowledge, "The Biography of the Principal Military and Naval Heroes, comprehending details of their achievements during the Revolutionary and late wars," two volumes, published by John Low, 130 Cherry street, New York, 1821, and "The Picture of Philadelphia for 1824," published by Thomas Town, 38 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.

Historical Review of Dauphin County

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