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ZIMMERMAN, George, son of Henry and Barbara (Greiner) Zimmerman, born February 11, 1819, on the forty acre tract set apart from the original Greiner estate in Lower Swatara township, Dauphin county. He attended the old Neidich meeting-house school in Churchville as well as other schools in Highspire, where the distillery now is, then taught by Conrad Alleman. When he was five years old, his father purchased the Kerr estate, to which he removed with his family in the spring of 1825. His father died when he was but twenty years of age, and in 1842 he and his brother Henry farmed the home place as partners; but in December, 1843, he married Barbara Stoner, daughter of Henry and Martha (Alleman) Stoner, and in the spring of 1844 they dissolved partnership, when he entered the lumber business in Highspire with Jacob Nissley.

After the death of his father-in-law in 1847 he purchased the properties of the Stoner estate in Highspire. In 1848 he sold his interest to his partner and entered a partnership with his brother Philip in Middletown at the "point." His wife died August 16, 1850, with whom he had four children: Henry, born December 29, 1844; Augustus and Joseph, twins, born July 29, 1846, the latter of whom died in infancy; and Mary, born August 14, 1848.

In 1852 he married Miss Elizabeth Meck, of Perry county, with whom he had four children, born in Dauphin county, as follows: Milton, March 18, 1853, Simon, October 18, 1853 [sic], Araminta, April 29, 1856, and Alice, February 18, 1858. He continued with his brother in the lumber business, until the mill burned down, when in 1854 he began the brick business along the river above Highspire. In this business he suffered many reverses through the panic of 1857, but finally survived that great commercial depression. In the spring of 1859, attracted by the brilliant prospects of the then unsettled West, and also by the fact that his brothers Isaac and Simon, and his sisters Elizabeth and Mary, had migrated to Ohio, caused him to remove to that new country to try his fortune there. We here take leave of his various achievements by the simple statement that he has collected about him a beautiful tract of 320 acres of very fertile land, near Springfield, Ohio, and has erected thereon a fine brick mansion, large eastern style barns, and commodious out-buildings. Having gotten his experience by battling with the stern realities of life, his nature partook of his surroundings, and he was very naturally a matter-of-fact man; life to him was a stern reality; he viewed it in the light of his real experience and was devoid of anything that partook of the nature of shams or conventionalism. He was very generous, but when a kindness was bestowed, he was the first to forget it. He is a sincere Republican in politics, and a consistent member of the U. B. Church.

Historical Review of Dauphin County

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