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CAMPBELL, HARRY HUSE, general superintendent of the works of the Pennsylvania Steel Company, was born in Boston, Mass. His education, obtained in the Boston schools, was supplemented by a course in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston; from this celebrated school he received a degree in 1879. He came at once to Steelton, engaged with the Pennsylvania Steel Company, and has since that time been continuously in its employ. He has served in various capacities in the Bessemer and open hearth departments, and was in charge of the latter department for some time. From 1889 to 1893 he was assistant superintendent of the works; he was then made general superintendent, which position he still holds. Mr. Campbell's rapid advancement to responsible positions can be accounted for only by taking into account his rare combination of qualities. Eminent mechanical, scientific and literary talents, coupled with industry, fidelity, ambition and enthusiasm in the cultivation and practical use of his endowments have carried him safely and rapidly on in his remarkable career. The position accorded him by the great company he represents is a certificate of his mechanical and scientific equipment. His standing as a writer is even more prominent. His scientific articles, especially those on metallurgical topics, find ready acceptance and speedy publication in the leading, journals of the country. His thesis on the "Open Hearth Process," read in August 1893, in Chicago, at the meeting of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, of which he is a member, attracted world-wide attention, and gave him rank among the leading metallurgists of the age. Mr. Campbell is not merely a Shop and book man, but is felt as a power in social circles. In politics he is a Republican. He has been a member of the borough council of Steelton since 1890, and president of that body since 1894.

Historical Review of Dauphin County

Transcribed by Robert Demy for The Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project

Date of Transcription: 4 August 2001

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