CLAY, Daniel W.
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CLAY, DANIEL W., gardening farmer, was born in West Hanover township, Dauphin county, Pa., June 17, 1854. He is a son of Adam and Sarah (Rapp) Clay. They had four children, one of whom, John A. died aged twenty-four; he lost his life on the Pennsylvania railroad at Harrisburg, where he was employed as car inspector. He left a wife and one child. Mr. and Mrs. Clay's living children are: Elmira, wife of Stephen Hassler, of Reading, Pa.; William F., and Daniel W. The father died aged sixty-four years; the mother is still living.

Daniel W. Clay was educated in the public schools of West Hanover township. He was on the farm assisting his father until he was twenty-five, when he began as a gardening farmer on his own account. His energy, skill and industry soon brought him success, and he now ranks among the most thriving and prosperous men in his line in the township. He was married, June 21, 1877, to Ellen E., daughter of David and Susan Reichert. They have one child, Ida F., who is at school, and stands high in her classes. Mr. Clay is a staunch Republican. He and his family attend the Lutheran church.

The father of Mrs. Clay died at the age of fifty-two years and ten months, and the mother February 15, 1892, aged seventy-eight years and eleven months. They had seven children; of these, John and Katie died in infancy; the surviving children are: Daniel E., Sarah, David, Susan, wife of Benjamin C. Hoover, and Ellen Ethel, wife of D. W. Clay.

Historical Review of Dauphin County
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