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DUNKLE, J. A., Steelton, Pa., was born in Dauphin county, Pa., September 11, 1834. His father, George Dunkle, was born in Lancaster county in 1791 ; moved to Dauphin county with his father and family. He was the son of one of the pioneer settlers of Dauphin county. He followed farming in the early part of his life, but was also a merchant and a wood worker. He was in the war of 1812, under General Foster. He died in 1847. He married Miss Susan Greiner, daughter of Andrew Greiner, of Dauphin county. They had these children : George, Jacob, John, Washington, and Susan, deceased ; the surviving ones are : Henry, J.A., and Peter, residing in Steelton. His wife, Susan, died in 1860.

J. A. took the regular course in the schools of his time and place. He learned the carpenter’s trade, and was a contractor and builder for twenty-one years. He built the first complete house ever erected in Steelton, then known as Baldwin, in the fall of 1866. He has been interested in a business way in Steelton since 1866, and has had his residence here since 1880. In 1865 he became engaged more particularly in the real estate business. He laid out a large portion of Steelton, Highland, now Enhaut, Benton, and parts of Oberlin, being associated with a Mr. Ewing in laying out Eastmere. For several years he was a resident of Oberlin. He was also interested in other branches of business. For a time he dealt in coal and lumber. He and Mr. J. B. Ewing organized the Harrisburg Boiler and Manufacturing Company in 1880, and he has served as director in the company since its organization. He was one of the organizers of the Steelton Light, Heat and Power Company, and served as director in the company from 1890 to 1894. He is a member of the Board of Trade of Harrisburg. He is connected with the furniture store of Dunkle & Co.

In 1857 he married Miss Mary Bishop, daughter of William Bishop, near Oberlin, Pa., b whom he had these children : Ellen, wife of Dr. J. H. Snavely, Steelton, has five children ; Catherine, wife of Abraham Dunkle, Steelton, has five children ; Samuel F., married Miss Jessie Sefton, of Carlisle, Pa., is engaged with his father as manager of the sales department of the Harrisburg Boiler Company ; Elizabeth, wife of F. H. Alleman, of Steelton, has four children ; Amos W., married Miss Barnett, of Steelton, has one child ; Maggie, living at home. Mr. Dunkle was the originator of the Citizens’ Passenger Railway Company from Oberlin to Harrisburg. He was president of the company for the first few years of its existence and is at present one of its directors. He was also for several years interested in the hardware and stove business.

Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

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