FEIDT, Simon
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FEIDT, Simon, farmer, was born in Upper Paxton township, Dauphin county, Pa., near the Mifflin township line, January 25, 1829, and is a son of George and Susanna (Lenker) Feidt.

George Feidt, his grandfather, married a Miss Snyder, and had six children: John, George, Daniel, Peter, Thomas, and Katie, who married William Lenker. George Feidt, Jr., father of Simon Feidt, was born November 26, 1800, and died July 7, 1862. He married Susanna Lenker, born May 4, 1800, died March 27, 1885. Four of their twelve children are deceased, two, who were twin daughters, lived only twelve hours, and died unnamed; Amanda, born April 8, 1841, died March 12, 1843; Emanuel, born January 20, 1825 died February 9, 1896; he married Amanda Smith in Illinois; Emanuel died in Texas, having removed, about 1892, from Nebraska, where he owned a tract of one hundred and sixty acres of land, on which his only child, John Henry, resides. The surviving children of Mr. and Mrs. George Feidt, Jr., are: William, born October 13, 1826, resides at Salem, Ore., married a widow, Mrs. Krauch; Simon; Sallie, born November 11, 1830, wife of David Negley, has five children; Hannah, born October 3, 1832, widow of Isaac Lenker; Mary and Leah, twins, born November 20, 1834; Mary, married J. W. Orndorff, has nine children; Susanna born April 18, 1836, wife of Jonas Diebler, has one child living; Lydia, born May 22, 1839, wife of Henry Walborn.

Simon Feidt had little experience in his youth to put him in contrast with other farmer boys. Winter school and summer work were his lot until he became of age; at that time he arranged with his father to remain at home to assist in or take charge of the farm work, as his father might require, for which services he was to be paid $100 a year. Both parties were satisfied, and the agreement stood until Simon was thirty-two years old, when the contract was changed and he took the farm on shares for six years. During this time, in 1867, Mr. Feidt bought a farm of Benjamin Miller, in Upper Paxton township, to which he removed his family in 1868 and began a career of successful farming. In 1874 he sold this farm to John Mattis, and in 1875 rented and removed to the Emanuel Hoy farm; in the autumn of the same year he purchased this farm at administrator’s sale. At the cost of much labor and money he has greatly improved the place, erecting suitable buildings and adding to the extent of the farm. In 1889 he bought fifty-two acres additional from Christian Hoy’s administrator, which, with the original tract, makes one hundred and fourteen acres. This tract, by Mr. Feidt’s industry, skillful tillage and good management, has been brought into the best condition. On it he has made his residence up to the present time.

Simon Feidt was married, November 14, 1861, to Sallie Hoy, daughter of Christian and Leah (Novinger) Hoy. They have three children: James Peter, born September 8, 1866, married Sarah W. Shreffler, January 18, 1896; George Harvey, born November 13, 1868, married Lillie A. Lebo in November, 1889, has two children, William Elmer, and Mary Esther; Christian Walter, born December 27, 1874. Mr Feidt is a Democrat. He and his family attend the Reformed church.

Christian Hoy, father of Mrs. Feidt, died December 31, 1888, aged seventy years, five months and thirteen days. His wife died June 29, 1881, aged Sixty-three years and two days. Seven of their thirteen children are deceased: Samuel, died in infancy; Vesti Jane and Mary Jane, twins; David; Elizabeth; Ann wife of John Diebler, Mifflin township; Emanuel, married Emma Catherine Diebler, had three children; the father mother and one child, died within a period of five weeks; Susanna, wife of Daniel S. Feidt, had four children. The surviving children of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy are: Sallie, Mrs. Feidt; James Peter, married Amanda Wert, has four children; Christian Alfred, married Katie Freimoyer, has four children; Charles Edwin, married Mary Weaver, has six children; Leah Catherine, wife of George G. Snyder, has four children; Ida Rebecca, wife of Charles Dreibelbiss, has two children. Peter Hoy, grandfather of Mrs. Feidt, married Susanna Lebo; they had thirteen children, Katie, Jacob, Rebecca, Henry, Peter, Polly, John, Elizabeth, Susanna, Daniel, Sallie, Christian <Transcribers note: The number of Susanna Lebo’s children is not a mis-transcription only twelve children are listed in original text.>.


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