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GARDNER, ADAM HENRY, treasurer of Steelton, was born January 6, 1835; son of Barnhart and Mary (Trostle) Gardner. His great-grandfather, Barnhart Gardner, with his wife, whose maiden name was Barbara Weidman, emigrated from Bremen, Germany, and settled in Lancaster county, Pa., prior to the American Revolutionary war. Their children, all of whom settled along the Conewago and Berunding creeks, in the western part of York county, before the year 1800, were named as follows: Adam, William, Barnhart, Martin, Jacob, John, Christopher, George, and Margaret. William, the second of these children, was married and lived on the bank of Conewago creek, where he had a family of six children: John, Barnhart, William, Adam, Sarah, and Margaret. Barnhart, the second of these, was born in 1794, died April 5, 1859, and is buried in Bender's Church cemetery, Adams county. He married Mary Trostle, daughter of George and Catherine Trostle, of near Gettysburg, Adams county. She was born June 27, 1805, died May 4, 1886, and was buried in Filey's Church cemetery, York county. Barnhart was a member of the Reformed church, and his wife Mary belonged to the Lutheran church. Their children were named: Franklin, born April 6, 1827, died January 6,1833; William, born April 25, 1829, a farmer, married Margaretta Wilson, January 18, 1855, and resides near Satank, Garfield county, Colo., with his wife and children, Ella, Florence, and Emma; George Washington, a wheelwright by occupation, born September 11, 1831, died July 13, 1861, married Sarah Wilson, of Illinois, and settled in Kansas, where he died, leaving one child, Emma; John T., born March 27, 1833, a farmer, near Toulon, Ill, married Philura Bliss, and had three children, Edith, Alice, and George; Adam Henry; Mary Jane, born January 2, 1837, married Michael W. Coover, a farmer of York county, Pa., January 18, 1855, and has eight children: William, Annie, Ella, Laura, Daniel, Sallie, Carrie, and Emma; Lydia Ann, born March 2, 1839, married Edward Arnold, of Dillsburg, York county, September 18, 1857, and have three children, Alice, Kate, and Emma; Sarah Elizabeth, born February 5, 1841, married John H. Gluck, of Lehmasters, Franklin county, Pa., and have two children deceased, Leila and Charles Nisley; Daniel Barnhart, born July 20, 1850, died September 13, 1880, married Emma Davis, of Ashtabula, Ohio, and settled in Greenleaf, Kan., where his widow subsequently married W. P. Mudgett.

Adam Henry Gardner was married, May 23, 1867, by the Rev. William Raber, at Mechanicsburg, Cumberland county, Pa., to Fannie C. Smith, daughter of Jacob and Mary (Campbell) Smith. He resided for some time at Eberly's Mills, and on November 12, 1875, removed to Steelton, Dauphin county, where he accepted employment with the Pennsylvania Steel Company as storehouse clerk, which position he still holds. When the borough of Steelton was incorporated in 1880 Mr. Gardner was elected borough treasurer, and has continued to fill this important and responsible position ever since. He cast his first presidential vote for John C. Freemont, and has ever since been an ardent Republican. He is a member of the Royal Arcanum, Steelton Council, No. 933, and Past Regents Association of Pennsylvania. He has been a member of the United Brethren church since 1860. His children are: John Comfort, who died when seventeen months old; Emma Elizabeth, George Smith, Harry Daniel, Annie Laurie, and Percival Jacob.

Historical Review of Dauphin County

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Date of Transcription: 4 August 2001

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