GARMAN, Chas. B.
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GARMAN, CHARLES B., gardening farmer, was born at Harrisburg, Pa., November 21, 1857. He is a son of George B. and Catherine (Page) Garman. His parents had nine children, two of whom died in infancy. The survivors are: Daniel, Mary, Joseph, Henry, Sarah J., wife of John L. Beaver, Rebecca, and Charles B. The father and mother are both deceased.

Charles B. Garman enjoyed the advantages afforded by the city schools of Harrisburg. He looked forward in his younger days to the time when he must begin the actual struggles of life, and made good use of his time and privileges in preparing himself to act his part well. At nineteen years of age his school days ended, and he looked about for a beginning of work. He engaged in farming, making a specialty in gardening.

He was married, October 27, 1881, to Mary M., daughter of John and Crescenta (Kern) Meyer. They have six children: John Carl, Mary C., Thirza A., Annie M., Herman G., and Bertha Catherine. In political principles Mr. Garman is in accord with the Democratic party. He and his family are members of the Roman Catholic church. He is prosperous in his business, because he is enterprising, energetic and skillful.

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