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GREENAWALT, CHARLES F., retired farmer and real estate dealer, was born in Dauphin county, Pa., April 5, 1857. He is the only child of Philip B. and Susan E. (Fox) Greenawalt. His mother was the only child of John and Elizabeth Fox; Elizabeth Fox was the only child of David and Susan Shoop, and Susan Shoop was the only child of Peter and Elizabeth Blosser, of Dauphin, Pa. Susan E. Fox Greenawalt, mother of Charles F., died in the spring of 1858, aged twenty-eight.

Charles F. Greenawalt's education was begun in the public schools. At the age of twelve he attended school in Harrisburg under Prof. Gause. At sixteen he entered Ursinus College, Montgomery county, Pa., and took a course preparatory for entrance to the State College. He remained in the latter institution until he was twenty years old, leaving at that time on account of the death of his grandfather.

He was married, March 4, 1876, to Mary Fair, daughter of Isaac and Anna Fagley. They had six children: Susan, died in infancy; Louis Philip, born September 20, 1880; Maggie Umberger, born January 16, 1886; Napoleon Hall, born February 19, 1887; Caroline, born September 27, 1890, and John Fox, born January 24, 1895. From the time of his marriage until 1887 Mr. Greenawalt was engaged in farming in Susquehanna township. In 1887, by the death of his grandfather, he came into possession of a vast estate which had been in the family since the colonial days of 1768. He is, therefore, a large landholder; he occupies a beautiful residence situated on the river road in Susquehanna township.

Mr. Greenawalt belongs to the Junior Order United American Mechanics. He is a staunch Republican. He has been a school director for six consecutive years, and has been president of the school board for five years. He was appointed census enumerator of Susquehanna township in 1890. He is one of the trustees of the Coxestown Methodist Episcopal church, which he and his family attend.

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