HUMMER, Isaac N.
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HUMMER, ISAAC N., farmer, was born in East Hanover township, Dauphin county, Pa., February 22, 1850; son of the late Benjamin and Eliza (Nowman) Hummer. Benjamin Hummer was born in Lancaster county, Pa., in 1820. He was for many years a butcher, but was afterwards engaged in farming. His parents were farmers. Eliza Nowman, to whom he was married, was born in Lancaster county, March 13, 1826, and was the daughter of Samuel and Maria Nowman. Of their ten children seven are living: Samuel, Benjamin, Henry, Anna, wife of Percival Ney, Isaac N., John N., and Susan, wife of Edward Lingle. Their deceased children are: Abraham, Lizzie, and Amos. Mr. Hummer served as supervisor of East Hanover township for four years. He was a Republican. He died in October, 1876, aged sixty-four. His wife is still in good health, at the age of seventy-six.

Isaac N. Hummer received only a common school education. He was engaged with his father in the cultivation of his farm until he reached the age of twenty-two. In 1873 he began farming on his own account, and this has ever since been his calling. In 1890 he removed to the farm on which he now resides. Mr. Hummer is a warm Republican. In 1894 he was chosen inspector of elections, and still holds that office. He was married, January 9, 1873, to Miss Amanda, daughter of Samuel and Catherine (Strayer) Brightbill. They have had twelve children, of whom ten are living: Emma S., wife of William F. Kline; Katie Anna, wife of George W. Wade; Samuel, John, Jennie, Lillie, Amanda, Isaac, Michael, and Edward. Their deceased children are: Amos B., died September 20, 1873, aged six months and twenty-six days; Maggie, died August 20, 1887, aged eighteen days. Lillie, the seventh child, was born June 12, 1881. At her birth she was a natural and normal child. At the age of six weeks she had a sickness, the effect of which arrested her growth. Since the age of two years she has not grown an inch. She is now fifteen years old. Her weight is forty pounds, her height thirty-two inches, and her bust measures twenty-five inches. She wears a No. 6 shoe, child’s size. She is intelligent and understands as well as the ordinary youth, but cannot talk plainly. She enjoys perfect health, and is the pet of the family.

Samuel Brightbill, father of Mrs. Hummer, was a farmer. His wife, Catherine, was a daughter of George and Catherine Strayer. They had five children: Susan, wife of William Ulrich; William; Jeremiah; Amanda, wife of I. N. Hummer; John Deceased. Mr. Samuel Brighbill died July 6, 1886, aged seventy-three years. His wife is still in good health, at the age of seventy-five, and resides at Palmyra, Pa.

Historical Review of Dauphin County

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