THE LIVINGSTON FAMILY -- John Livingston, a native of York county, Pa., was the first of the family to settle in Dauphin county, having come in 1804, or 1805. He purchased the tract of land on which the town of Enhaut is located, and lived upon it until his death. He was a farmer and a prominent citizen. He belonged to the Old River Brethren. His wife was Catherine Brinser, daughter of a Mr. Brinser who was an early settler of Londonderry township. They had five children: John, born in 1804, died 1865; Abraham, 1806-1864; Matthias, 1811-1846; Jacob, 1808-1885; and Catherine, 1817-1893.

His son, Abraham Livingston, was born in 1806 in Dauphin county, where he spent his life. He was educated in the common schools of the county. He was a post and fence maker, and also carried on farming to some extent. He was a member of the Dunkard denomination and took an active interest in all church matters. He married Elizabeth Eshelman, daughter of Peter Eshelman, of Londonderry township. They had six children: Jacob, of Enhaut; John; Peter, died at the age of nineteen years; Abraham, died at the age of two years; Benjamin, died in infancy; Mary, wife of John Shoffer, of Benton, Pa.

Jacob Livingston, eldest son of Abraham Livingston, was born in Dauphin county in 1833, and received his education in the public schools of the county. When a young man he was occupied with farming, in connection with his father. After marriage he began farming on his own account, continuing it until 1871. For four years from that date he was engaged in lime burning. In 1876 he was employed by the Pennsylvania Steel Company and continued for eight years. Since 1884 he has carried on a general mercantile business in Enhaut. He is Republican in politics. Mr. Livingston was married, in 1853, to Miss Rebecca, daughter of John Livingston. Their children are: Catherine, born 1855, died 1859; John W., born 1859, living at Enhaut, married Nancy Regale; Ephraim G., born 1867, died 1869; Harry Jacob, born 1871, married to Florence, daughter of George Keim.

John Livingston, second son of Abraham Livingston, was born in Dauphin county, in 1837. His educational advantages were such as the schools of his native county afforded. His first business was farming, but his occupations were varied. He was at different times engaged in boating, stone quarrying and lime burning. From 1873 to 1884 he was employed by the Pennsylvania Steel Company. Since the latter date he has lived retired from business. He has resided on the present location of Enhaut since 1846, a constant resident of Swatara township. He has served as school director of Enhaut since 1880. He is a Republican and is interested and active in politics. He has served as delegate for many years. He and his family are members-of the United Brethren church, in which he has for the past fifteen years been steward and trustee. In 1850 he married Catherine, daughter of John Livingston. They have one son, Morris, of Steelton, employed by the Pennsylvania Steel Company. John Livingston, the father of Mrs. Jacob and Mrs. John Livingston, married Sarah Ludwig. He was a weaver. Their children are: Catherine, wife of John Livingston; Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas Hanger; Rebecca, wife of Jacob Livingston; Mary, wife of William Davis; Leah, widow of Charles Pazey.

Jacob Livingston, son of John Livingston, Sr., was born in 1808, and married Mary Sheets, by whom he had two children: Lydia. wife of Christ. Gorman; and Susanna, wife of Michael Gross. His second wife was Susan Martin; they had two sons: Jacob, died at the age of nineteen years; and Joseph, married a miss Straw, and has a family.

Matthias Livingston, son of John Livingston, Sr., was born in 1811, and married Elizabeth Eshelman; their children were: Mary, wife of George Killheifer; Catherine, wife of a Mr. Smith, living in the West; Elizabeth, wife of Harrison Stroup, both deceased; Joseph, enlisted in the defense of his country in 1861, served until the close of the war, was honorably discharged, and died on his way home; Catherine, wife of Jacob Beinhauer, deceased, by whom she had three children: Jacob, Adam, and Catherine.

Historical Review of Dauphin County

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