MARK, Adam E.
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MARK, Adam, Ellenberger, was born on his grandfatherís farm, near Belle Grove, Lebanon county, Pa., September 7, 1827. The grandfather, Henry Mark, died comparatively young, but his wife lived to the advanced age of ninety-one years. John Mark, father of Adam Mark, married Catherine Ellenberger; they had seven children: Daniel, married Jane Hain; Adam E.: Sarah E., wife of Abraham Herr; George E., married Priscilla Maulfair; John E., married Mary Maulfair; Eliza E., wife of John Light, and Amos E., married Susan Miller.

Adam E. Mark spent his youth on his grandfatherís farm, and, like most farmer boys, received such instruction as could be obtained in schools open for only a few months during the winter season: during the remainder of the year he was busied with such farm work as can be done by a bright, active boy. It was thought desirable to give Adam a trade; he was accordingly apprenticed to a harness maker at Jonestown. He had been but a short time in the shop when his plans were changed, and he returned to Belle Grove, and entered the store with his brother David, where he continued for three years. At this time his brother died, and Mr. Adam E. Mark bought the brotherís interest in the store, and continued the business for two years longer. In 1857 Mr. Mark disposed of his business and removed to Millersburg, where he was employed by his cousin, G. M. Brubaker, as clerk for five or six years. By this time he was ready to begin business again on his own account, so he bought back his former store at Belle Grove, which he continued for three years, and the returned to his cousin, and was employed as clerk for two years. During this time the death of his father-in-law, Jacob Light, occurred at New Market Forge, Lebanon county, Pa., and opened the way for him to engage in mercantile business at Syner P.O., near that place. He carried on the business for about two years, then sold the store, and in 1867 returned the third time to Millersburg, entered into partnership with his cousin, Mr. Brubaker, in the iron and hardware business at that place, and continued in the firm until about 1875. Then the partnership was dissolved, and Mr. Mark bought a part interest in the general store of John R. Bowman, with whom he continued in business until he was elected manager and bookkeeper by the Millersburg Standard Axle Works. This position he held until his death, which occurred January 3, 1881.

Adam E. Mark was married, March 22, 1855, to Sarah A., daughter of Jacob and Mary (Longenecker) Light. Their children are: Carrie Irene, born December 9, 1862, died February 14, 1863, being the only deceased child of the family; the surviving children are: Clara Alice, born September 30, 1856, wife of Jacob Buck, had one child, Odessa Mark, born October 10, 1877, died August 11, 1878; Cora Catherine, born April 24, 1860, wife of F. H. Wingert, has two children, Ruth Irene and Daniel Mark; Mary Jane, born April 15, 1864; Jennie Light, born September 7, 1866; Sarah Ann, born February 10, 1869, wife of William Begar, had one child, Pauline; Warren Light, born July 1, 1871; Elma Edna, born August 16, 1874, and Martha Eve, born October 3, 1876.

Mr. Mark was a Republican, and, with his family, was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. That he enjoyed substantial prosperity and stood high in the community, was due to his own faithful and persevering efforts and to the courageous determination which never forsook him, even in times of adversity. He was an earnest and consistent Christian, a good citizen, a devoted and affectionate husband and father, and deservedly enjoyed the confidence and esteem of all who knew him.

The parent of Mr. Mark are both deceased. They had nine children, four of whom are deceased: Jacob; Annie; Harry, married Louisa Early, and died leaving nine children; and Elizabeth, wife of William Carmany, left one child. The surviving children of Mr. and Mrs. Light are: Maria, wife of Oliver Bowman, has five children; Fannie, wife of Peter Horst, has had thirteen children, of whom five are living; Sarah A., Mrs. Mark; Cyrus, married Martha Trafford, has four children; John, married Eliza Mark, has nine children, eight boys and one girl. Samuel Light was the grandfather of Mrs. Mark.

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