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MECKLEY, Jacob, retired farmer, was born in Londonderry township, in 1830. He is a son of John and Catherine (Hoover) Meckley. Four of the ten children of these parents are deceased : those surviving are : Jacob ; Catherine, wife of John Dunn ; Leah, wife of Daniel Siegler ; Joseph ; Michael ; and Barbara, wife of Amos Young.

Jacob Meckley received his education in subscription schools and later in the public schools of Londonberry, Derry, and Lower Paxton townships. He learned carpentry with Jacob Breneman, at Union Deposit, West Hanover township, serving an apprenticeship of two years. His pay was $5 per month. The third year he worked as a journeyman and received $10 per month ; after the third year he worked as a journeyman and received $10 per month ; after the third year he received seventy-five cents per day and board. In 1860 he engaged in farming near the village of Progress, where he remained four years. The following six years he spent on the farm of James E. Elder, near the county buildings. After passing eight years on the Hoffer farm near Highspire, Swatara township. In 1891 he purchased and removed to the homestead on which he has made his residence since that date.

He was married, December 20, 1855, to Elizabeth, daughter of Christian and Annie Brubaker. They have had ten children, six of whom are living : Annie L., born October 4, 1856 ; Christian M., August 6, 1858 ; Catherine B., May 2, 1860 ; Samuel J., February 29, 1863 ; Benjamin F., March 31, 1870, and Edwin A., January 18, 1873. Their deceased children are : Jacob Henry, died January 10, 1862, aged one month and fourteen days ; Elizabeth May, August 18, 1865, aged eleven months and twenty-five days ; David Brubaker, July 19, 1868, aged seven months and seven days ; John W., born November 10, 1865, died January 9, 1893, near Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, at Mahera Station. He was sent to this mission station from Colon, Neb., under the auspices of the Christian Alliance and Foreign Mission Association, of which the celebrated evangelist, Moody, was the head. He was married, February 16, 1892, to June O., daughter of Mrs. S. M. Schofield, of Colon, Neb. He and his young wife were both earnest and devoted Christian workers, and gave themselves to the noble and self-sacrificing work of carrying the gospel to the heathen. Soon after reaching the field of labor assigned to them in Africa, and before they had become acclimated to the extreme heat and other adverse conditions of those regions they were stricken with a malignant fever that proved fatal to both. They died on the same day, and are buried in that far-away land.

The parents of Mrs. Meckley are both deceased. Her father was born September 20, 1798, and died August 25, 1878 ; her mother was born November 17, 1798, and died July 27, 1871. They had eight children, of whom five are living : Christian, Elizabeth, Michael, Mary, and David. The deceased children are : Anna, wife of Christian Fortney ; Barbara, wife of Solomon Manley, and Fannie, wife of Conrad Page.

Mr. Meckley served efficiently for two years as road supervisor in Swatara township. In politics he is identified with the Republican party. He and his family are members of the Church of the Brethren in Christ, or River Brethren.

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