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MIDDLETON, WILLIAM JOHN, M. D., was born in Philadelphia, Pa., January 9, 1858. He is the eldest son of John A. Middleton and Margaret Ann Gamble. He is descended frown one of three brothers who came to New Jersey before the days of William Penn; two of them remained in New Jersey, while one removed to South Carolina. The family removed early to Philadelphia. The name of Aaron Middleton, mariner, the great-great-grandfather of Dr. Middleton, appears in the first directory of the city. Margaret A. Gamble was the second daughter of William Gamble, who grew to manhood in Leacock township, Lancaster county, Pa., and belonged to a company among the troops from that county which served at Baltimore in the war of 1812. He became Captain Gamble in 1814. He afterwards married Elizabeth Richardson, a daughter of the famous family of linen manufacturers of Belfast, Ireland.

The parents of Dr. Middleton removed to Harrisburg in 1869. He received a common school education in that city. In 1876 he began the study of medicine with Dr. George R. Hursh, then a busy practitioner, residing on North Second street. He received the degree of M.D. from Jefferson Medical College in March, 1879, returned to Harrisburg, and at once began to practice his profession there. He was elected assistant dispensary physician to the Harrisburg Hospital, and served in that capacity for several months. Upon his retirement from the place the Board of Managers voted him their thanks. In January, 1881, Dr. Middleton formed a partnership with Dr. W. J. Kline, of Greensburg, Pa., where he remained a little over a year. In the spring of 1882 he received the appointment of surgeon to the Juragua Iron Company, of Santiago de Cuba, and served the company at their mines, east of Santiago, for fifteen months. In November, 1884, he came to Steelton as surgeon to the Pennsylvania Steel Company, which office he resigned in 1888 to devote himself to the practice of his profession in Steelton. In April, 1888, he married Lavinia Sterling Towson, of Baltimore. They have three sons: William Towson, born in 1889; Albert Gamble, in 1890; and Leonard Reynolds, in 1892. Dr. Middleton still resides in Steelton, and conducts a general practice. He enjoys the confidence and esteem of the best people in the community, and is justly regarded as one of the leading men in his profession.

Historical Review of Dauphin County

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