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MILLER, D. W., superintendent of the pattern department, Pennsylvania Steel Works, was born in Dauphin county, Pa., August 8, 1840; son of David and Sarah (Woods) Miller. David Miller was born in Lancaster county, Pa. He was a farmer from his youth until a few years before his death, when he retired from business. He was married to Sarah Woods, a native of Dauphin county. They had eight children: D. W.; J. C.; Jane, wife of Moses Zimmerman, deceased; Mary, wife of Henry Smith; Samuel B., deceased; Harriet, deceased; William W., deceased; Sarah, died in infancy. Mr. Miller, now eighty-two years of age, resides with his daughter, Mrs. Zimmerman.

D. W. Miller attended the common schools of Dauphin county for a part of each year until he reached the age of nineteen, when he became an apprentice to the trade of pattern making with the Harrisburg Car Manufacturing Company, and served four years, at the end of which time he entered the employ- of the Pennsylvania Steel Company, and worked at his trade for about two and a half years. In 1879 Mr. Miller returned to Harrisburg, and had charge of the pattern department of the Car Manufacturing Company for eleven or twelve years. At the expiration of that time, in 1890, he accepted a similar position with the Pennsylvania Steel Works, which he still holds. Mr. Miller's mechanical skill and excellent business ability are proved by the long terms of his service with the companies employing him.

Mr. Miller was married, in Harrisburg, April 4, 1861, to Miss Harriet, daughter of Frederick Duey. Their children are: Elizabeth, wife C. F. Gramm; Susan, wife of H. R. Dasher; Mary, Henrietta, Sarah, Robert, Henry R.; the last four are deceased. Mr. Miller is a Republican; he was for three years assessor of the Ninth ward, Harrisburg. The family are members of the Reformed church.

Mrs. D. W. Miller was born March 12, 1842. Her father was Frederick Duey, and for many years was a weaver. Their living children are: Caroline, wife of Paul Barnhard, deceased; Simon D.; Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Stober; Catherine, wife of Jesse Long; Henrietta, Mrs. Miller. Both parents died in Dauphin county. They were members of the Reformed church. Samuel Duey, paternal grandfather of Mrs. Miller, died at an advanced age.

Historical Review of Dauphin County

Transcribed by Robert Demy for The Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project

Date of Transcription: 2 Sep 2001

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