MILLER, Daniel N.
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MILLER, Daniel Newton, farmer, was born near his present residence in Upper Paxton township, Dauphin county, Pa., November 22, 1858; son of Andrew and Sophia (Clouser) Miller.

Daniel Miller, his grandfather, married a Miss Miller, who was not a relative. They had seven children: Jeremiah, Andrew, Catherine, Elijah, Hannah, Peggy and Samuel. Andrew Miller, father of N. N. Miller, died in March 1867, aged about forty-two. His wife, Sophia (Clouser) Miller, survives him. They had eight children: Sarah Ellen, wife of Aaron Weaver; Mary Jane, married to Jacob Dreibelbiss, has six children; Daniel Newton; Sophia Agnes; Alfaretta, married George Dreibelbiss, they have five children; Emma Catherine, married to Samuel Weaver, has six children; Frederick Uriah, married Annie Lucker, has three children; and Annie Irene. The parents of Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Clouser, had three other children: Henry, Maria, and Zachariah, who died in infancy.

Daniel Newton Miller was left an orphan at an early age, and had to make his own living soon after his fatherís death. Both before and after his father died he attended the common schools of the township a few weeks of each year, but was obliged to work on the farm during the busy seasons, and thus earn his own support. From the age of eighteen until he was twenty-one he was employed as a teamster; after that he began farming on his own account by renting land to farm on shares. He was fortunate in making this arrangement with a man like Mr. Jacob Weaver, who let him have a farm on these terms, and continued the contract with him for over ten years. Mr. Weaver had so much confidence in young Miller and cherished so friendly a spirit toward him, that he made provision in his will whereby Mr. Miller might become owner of the farm on easy conditions by paying out the interest of other heirs of the estate as he could conveniently do so. When the farm in this way came into his possession, Mr. Miller planned and executed substantial and valuable improvements; he has by industrious and skillful cultivation made it one of the best farms in Lykens Valley.

Daniel N. Miller was married, January 22, 1879, to Sarah Ellen, daughter of Philip and Susan (Fegley) Schaffer. They have had nine children: Jacob Edward, born October 1, 1879; Jennie Catherine, born January 3, 1882; Philip Andrew, born April 6, 1884; Susan May, born May 2, 1886; Charles Nevin, born December 28, 1887; William Newton, born May 21, 1890; Paul Shaffer, born February 2, 1892; Addie Esther, born March 15, 1893, and Ralph Theodore, born July 24, 1895. Mr. Miller is a Democrat; he has served one term as auditor of the township. He and his family attend the Reformed church.

Adeline Fegley, grandmother of Mrs. Miller, is still living at the age of eighty-three; her husband, Henry Fegley, died aged about eighty years. They have eight children living. Philip and Susan Shaffer, Mrs Millerís parents, have seven children: Elizabeth, wife of Charles Etzweiler; William married Ida Frank; Sarah Ellen, Mrs. Miller; Adeline; Harry, married Lydia Hoffman; Maurice; Catherine, wife of Edward Kachner.


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