NISLEY, Samuel
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NISLEY, SAMUEL, was born in Dauphin county, Pa., December 24, 1818; son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Rice) Nisley. John Nisley, his paternal grandfather, was a native of Dauphin county, and a farmer. His children were: John, Jacob, and Martin. He and his wife both died at an advanced age. John Rice, maternal grandfather of Samuel Nisley was a native of Germany. He came to this country about 1800 as a sailor boy. He married. and had a family of three children: John, Daniel, and Elizabeth, mother of Mr. Nisley.

His father, Jacob Nisley, was born in Dauphin county, and was a farmer. His first wife was a Miss Nisley, daughter of Jacob and Mary Nisley. They had five children. Mr. Nisley's second wife was Miss Egle, by whom he had three children, all of whom are deceased: Jacob, died in 1894, aged eighty-seven; Barbara, wife of Jacob Snavely, died in 1842, aged fifty years; Susan, wife of John Mumma, deceased, and again married to Michael Barnhard; she died in 1893, aged eighty-three years; and Abraham, died in 1890, aged seventy-six years. Mr. Nisley was married the third time, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth Rise; of this marriage there were four children: Samuel; Kate, widow of Henry Gause; Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Blackville; and John. Mr. Nisley was a Mennonite. He died in 1826, aged 78 years. Mrs. Nisley died in 1824, aged forty-eight years.

Samuel Nisley lost his parents when he was very young, and on his account had but limited opportunities for securing an education. As is usual, a guardian was appointed for him, but he found a home among strangers, and was brought up as a farmer's boy. Thus he learned the business, and finally became a farmer on his own account. Mr. Nisley was married, November 2, 1841, to Miss Maria, daughter of Frederick and Catherine (Diebler) Shaffner. Their living children are: Catherine, wife of Wendell Gross; Elizabeth, wife of Dr. D. B. Traver; Jacob A., married to Rhoda Hull; Fred. J., married to Sallie Johnson; Mary, wife of Moses Young; Carrie, wife of John Whitman. Their deceased children are: William II., died December 5, 1846, aged two years, eight months and twelve days; Sophia, died January 6, 1852, aged twenty-five days; Samuel Otterbein, died July 7, 1861, aged two years, three months and twenty-one days; Fannie S., died January 22, 1870, aged thirteen years, six months and twelve days. After his marriage Mr. Nisley was engaged in farming, near Linglestown, for ten years. In 1851 he removed to Harrisburg, where he was employed in the roundhouse of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company for nine years. In 1865 Mr. Nisley removed to Steelton, where he was employed for six years by Donald Cameron as post fence maker; also for a few years by Mr. Dunkle. He then entered the employ of the Pennsylvania Steel Works, where he was engaged for about twenty years in various departments. After this he retired from active work. Mr. Nisley is a Republican. For sixty years he has been a member, and for forty years a class leader in the United Brethren church, of which Mrs. Nisley also is a consistent member. Mr. Nisley has long been a trustee of the church.

Mrs. Samuel Nisley was born in Dauphin county, October 13, 1816. Her father, Frederick Shaffner, was also a native of Dauphin county, and was a farmer. His wife, Catherine Diebler, was born in the same county. They had ten children, of whom six are living: Jacob, married to Miss Elizabeth Reily; Isaac, married to Miss Mina Rogers; Philip, married to Mariah Alleman; Catherine, wife of George Miller, who died, and she then married Daniel Hicks; Barbara, wife of Solomon Ulrich; Lavinia, wife of Levi Reider. Their deceased children are: George, died in 1883, aged 62 years; Martin, was killed in the army; John, died in 1861, aged twenty-five years; one child who died in infancy. Mr. Shaffner died in 1888, aged ninety-four years. Mrs. Shaffner died in 1859, aged sixty-two years.

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