REED, John B.
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REED, JOHN B., was born in Dauphin county, Pa., August 31, 1832; son of Thomas and Mary (Gonse) Reed. His paternal grandparents were natives of Berks county Pa. The grandparents on the maternal side were of the same county and by occupation farmers. Their family consisted of six children: Margaret, wife of a Mr. McElheny; Catherine, wife of Daniel Barkert; Ann; William; Mary, wife of Thomas Reed, and George. Thomas Reed, father of John B. Reed, was born in Berks county. He was for a number of years a weaver, but later in life engaged in farming. He was married to Mary Gonse, daughter of John and Ann (Kurtzmoyer) Gonse. Of their eight children four are living: John B., William, Samuel, and Eliza. Their deceased children are: Mary, died June 19, 1889, aged fifty-three years; Thomas, died in the army service in 1866 at the age of twenty-two years; Catherine and Sarah, died young and were buried at Wenrich's church. Mr. Reed died in 1883 at the age of seventy-eight years and his wife died in 1873, aged sixty-six years. They were members of the Lutheran church and are buried at Shoop's church.

John B. Reed made good use of such advantages as the public schools of Lower Paxton township afforded. At the end of his school days he went to work with his father on the home farm, where he remained until he was twenty-seven years old. In 1860 Mr. Reed went upon the farm of Mr. William Bomgardner, in Lower Paxton township, and cultivated it for eight years, after which he removed to the farm of James Raymond, in Susquehanna township, on which he remained four years. Mr. Reed bought the farm which is now his home from John Millison. He occupied it for four years and then removed to the farm of James Boyd; after eight years' occupancy of that place he returned to his own farm, where he has ever since resided and which he has tilled up to the present time. Mr. Reed was married, in 1860, to Miss Sophia, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth (Leasor) Elser. They have had five children: Mary, wife of Logan McClintock, deceased; Elizabeth; Katie, wife of Edwin Eschenour; John C., saddler, of Oberlin, Pa., and Charles P., employed in the Harrisburg Car Shop. Mr. Reed is a Republican. In 1889 he was elected supervisor of Swatara township, and served five years; in 1894 he was re-elected to the same office. He and his family are members of the Lutheran church.

Mrs. John B. Reed was born in Lancaster county, Pa., August 26, 1826; her parents were natives of the same county. In early life her father, Peter Elser, was -a carpenter, but at a later period he was a farmer. He was married to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Sophia Leasor. Four of their five children are living: John L.; George L.; Kate, wife of William Paul, deceased, and Sophia, Mrs. Reed. Elizabeth died at the age of eleven years. Mr. Else, served as constable and as tax collector for a number of years. He was an elder in the Lutheran church. He died in 1886 at the age of seventy-five years; his wife died in 1881, aged sixty-seven years. They are buried in Lancaster county, at Brickerville church. Mrs. Reed's grandparents on the mother's side had a family of five children. They belonged to the Lutheran church.

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