SHAFFNER, Francis W.
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SHAFFNER, FRANCIS W., superintendent of the supply department, Pennsylvania Steel Works, Steelton. Pa., was born in Dauphin county, Pa., February 22, 1845; son of George and Christina (Book) Shaffner. The Shaffner family are of Swiss descent. Frederick Shaffner, grandfather of Francis W., was a farmer. He married Miss Catherine Deibler. Mr. Shaffner died aged ninety-four years.

George Shaffner, father of F W., died aged sixty-two. He was married to Miss Christina Book. They had nine children: Frederick; Francis W.; John; Samuel; Mary, wife of Jacob Lantz; Jacob; Emma, wife of Jacob Spangler; Rosa, wife of Stewart Groninger; William, who died in 1865, aged four years. Mrs. Shaffner died in 1867, aged nearly fifty years. She was a member of the Evangelical church, of Harrisburg. Both parents died in Harrisburg.

Francis W. Shaffner attended the public schools of Dauphin and Lebanon counties, and at the same time assisted his father in farm work. He was afterwards, for two seasons, employed as a general laborer on the Pennsylvania canal and in boating. In 1859 he began an apprenticeship of one year and a half at coach, making, after which he worked at his trade and at house carpentry until the breaking out of the war. In 1864 Mr. Shaffner enlisted in company F, Two Hundred and First regiment, Pennsylvania volunteers, served his time and was honorably discharged. While in army service Mr. Shaffner contracted a chronic disease, which incapacitated him for manual labor, and lead to a decision to prepare himself for different pursuits. He took a course of eight months at the Iron City Commercial College, Pittsburgh, Pa., and in 1867 secured a position as clerk with the Pittsburgh and Monongahela Coal Company, in which he continued eight months. He was next employed for a year and a half as clerk in the drug store of H. Mevers. He then returned to Harrisburg, and to his trade of house building until 1876, at which time he was appointed superintendent of the supply department of the Pennsylvania Steel Works. He has served in this position with credit to himself and the utmost satisfaction to the company up to the present time. Mr. Shaffner is identified with the Odd Fellows fraternity, haying been a member of Lodge No. 70 since July 23, 1867. His politics are Democratic. Mr. Shaffner was married, in Reading, Pa., May 28, 1868, to Miss Sarah, daughter of David and Martha (McFadden) Bachstoss. Their children are: Clyde, born December 5, 1869; Gertrude, December 2, 1871, wife of Howell Bentecon; Cora, born September 1, 1873. Mrs. Shaffner was born September 7, 1845. Her father, David Bachstoss, was for many years a tanner. He was married to Martha McFadden. Their children are: Eliza; Rebecca; Sarah, Mrs. Shaffner; Kate, wife of John Clyde; Edward; Alexander, was killed on the Reading railroad, in February, 1893. Mr. Bachstoss died in 1891, aged seventy-four years.

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