SHUTT, HENRY LAWRENCE, miller and farmer, was born in West Hanover township, Dauphin county, Pa., April 23, 1856. His father died November 28, 1869; his mother is still living. They had ten children, three of whom, William, John Alfred, and Ellen, died in infancy. Their living children are: Mary J., Stephen E., Catherine A., Sarah A., Elizabeth E., Emma R., and Henry Lawrence, all of whom have been married.

Henry Lawrence was educated in the district schools of his native township. His school days were cut short at the age of fourteen, when he went out from home to make his own way. He hired out to work on a farm, and was employed in this way until 1879, when he engaged in milling. The numerous farmers who are his neighbors and patrons of his mill, bear testimony that he is a square-dealing business man and a good citizen. His politics are Republican.

He was married, May 25, 1875, to Harriet, daughter of George and Rebecca (McClure) Ludwig. They have had ten children, five of whom are deceased: Wilson, Isaac, Raymond, and Annie died in infancy, and Trueman, aged three years. The surviving children are: Sarah E., Henry L., Lizzie V., David S., and Earl A. Mrs. Shutt's parents are both deceased; her father on June 25, 1866, her mother November 3, 1860. Mr. Shutt's family are members of the Methodist Episcopal church.

Historical Review of Dauphin County
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Date of Transcription: 06 Aug 2001
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