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SOULLIARD, JOHN H., was born in Chester county, Pa., June 10, 1852. He is a son of Lewis and Louisa (Fraulinger) Soulliard. Lewis Soulliard was born in France, January 1, 1815. He came to this country in 1850, located at a place in Chester county, and then returned to France for his family. He is a forgeman, and has followed that vocation from boyhood. He was married, in France, to Louisa Fraulinger. They have twelve children, six of whom were born in France, and six in America; nine are living Louis; George; Joseph; Frederick; John H.; Sybilla, wife of Fred. Stauter, of Altoona, Pa.; James, of Chicago; Charles, and Rev. Aaron. The children deceased are: Louisa, wife of Aaron Stine, died November, 1868, aged thirty years; Kate, and Frances. In making his-several trips Mr. Soulliard was seventy-two weeks on the water. He is in good health, at the are of eighty-one, and resides in Lebanon, Pa. His wife died in May, 1888, aged seventy-two. She was a faithful mother and a devout Christian, a member of the Lutheran church.

John H. Soulliard was brought when a child to Lebanon county, where he received a, limited education in the public schools. He learned house painting, and worked at that trade for eight years. He afterwards worked at butchering with Mr. Reily Ringler, at Lebanon, for one year, after which he found employment at Middletown, Pa. Since 1872 Mr. Soulliard has been employed at the Pennsylvania Steel Works. He was made runner boy, and held that position for sixteen years. Subsequently he was employee in other capacities, and was at last promoted to the Bessemer department. He is also auctioneer, and is occasionally employed in that capacity. Mr. Soulliard was married, November 5, 1872, to Miss Era Hartig, daughter of Christian and Barbara (Stroval) Hartig. They have eight children: John M., married Miss Lydia Smith; Louisa, Adam; Fred and Daniel, twins; Sarah and William, twins; and Charles. Mr. Soulliard, is a member of several Steelton societies. His politics are Republican. The family are members of the Roman Catholic church.

Mrs. Soulliard was born November 23, 1855, in Lancaster county. Her father, Christian Hartig, was born in Germany, and came to this country when a boy. He was killed, July 5, 1872, by being struck by a fast train while he was walking on the railroad track. His age was forty-two years. His wife, Barbara Stroval, was also a native of Germany. She resides at Highland, Dauphin county; her age is sixty-three. Five of their eight children are living: Eva, Mrs. Soulliard; Adam, John, Frederick, and Maggie, Mrs. Isaac Houck. Their deceased children are: Louisa, wife of Daniel Daylor; Christian, and Mary. The grandparents were both natives of Germany; the grandmother died in her native land. Christian, the grandfather, served in the revolutionary war in Germany. He came to this country in early life, and had been in the hotel business in his native land prior to coming to America, but sold out when his wife died. He settled here, in Lancaster county, with his daughter, Era. Fohlinger. He was a member of the Roman Catholic church, and died at an advanced age.

Historical Review of Dauphin County

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Date of Transcription: 4 August 2001

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