WHITNEY, Everett
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WHITNEY, EVERETT E., Steelton, Pa., was born in Hingham, Plymouth county, Mass., May 3, 1861. He is a son of Jason W. and Lydia A. (Davis) Whitney. He was educated in the public schools of Hingham and at Comer's Commercial College, of Boston, Mass., completing his course by the time he was nineteen years of age. He then engaged with his father in the lumber and hardware business; but during 1882-83 he had a business in Boston. In the fall of 1883 Mr. Whitney went to Tucson, Arizona Territory, and remained there until July, 1886; he then returned for a few months to Massachusetts. On September 10 of the same year he came to Steelton, and entered upon an engagement in the auditor's office of the Pennsylvania Steel Company, serving in that capacity until 1890. In that year Mr. Whitney was made auditor and cashier of the company, and still occupies the same responsible position with undiminished faithfulness and credit. He was married, October 2, 1890, to Miss Katharine J. McCammon, of Middletown, Pa., daughter of Elisha G. and Catherine (Faber) McCammon. Mr. and Mrs. Whitney have one child, Jason McC., born February 8, 1894.

Mr. Whitney is a lineal descendent of John Whitney, who with his wife, Elinor, emigrated from England in 1635, and settled in Watertown, Mass. An exhaustive work, entitled "The Whitney Genealogy," has lately been compiled and written by Frederick Pierce, of Chicago, Ill. Also a very interesting and valuable work by Henry Melville; of New York, entitled the "Ancestry of John Whitney." It is only proper to say that a large majority of those persons in the United States who are named Whitney are descendants of John and Elinor Whitney, who settled in Watertown, Mass., in 1635.

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