WITMAN, Daniel
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WITMAN, DANIEL, farmer, was born in Jackson township, Dauphin county, Pa. He is a son of John and Catherine (Messner) Witman. His parents had nine children, five of whom are deceased: Lavinia died at the age of two; Margaret, at the age of four; John, aged twenty-two; Catherine, wife of Henry Wilbert, aged thirty-two; Sarah, wife of George W. Enders, at the age of thirty-one. Their living children are: Polly, wife of Henry Stoneroad; Daniel, William, and Elizabeth.

Daniel Witman received his education in the private schools of his native town. After leaving school he engaged in farming and in other occupations, working as a carpenter for three years. He then returned to the farm, where he has remained. He enlisted in the short service, in company C, commanded by Capt. Henry O. Witman, Thirty-sixth regiment, Pennsylvania militia, under Colonel Alleman. He is a Republican. He has served efficiently as road supervisor in Susquehanna township for one term. He also held the office of tax collector in Jackson township. He is a member in good standing of the Jacksonville Council, No. 80, at Enders postoffice, Dauphin county. He and his family are members of the German Reformed church.

He was married, in Jackson township, March 8, 1857, to Mary, daughter of Joseph P. and Elizabeth (Bowman) Lyter. They have had fourteen children, seven of whom are deceased: Ellen Sevilla, died at the age of two years; Oliver Theodore, at the age of four years; Joseph Oscar, at the age of sixteen months; John Oliver, aged four years; Lydia Louisa, aged seven; Sarah Elspy, aged eleven; and one who died in infancy. Their living children are: Peter Bartholomew, Catherine E., Mary Jane, Daniel Grant, Martha Peninnah, Emanuel Wesley, and Cora Daisy. Catherine E. is the wife of John P. Conrad; Mary Jane is the wife of Samuel Zeiters, and Martha Peninnah is the wife of William H. Conrad.

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