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nection, it is interesting to me [M. F.] that Sarah, the daughter of John Stewart and Mary Robeson, married the brother of my great grandfather, James Patterson, whose name was William Patterson and a goodly number of their descendants live in Sterling, Kansas, and are reliable members of our United Presbyterian Church of Sterling. Miss Maude G. Stewart, mentioned above has given me the information that John Stewart and wife, Mary Robeson Stewart moved from Fayette Co., to Crawford Co., Pa., in 1829 and both are buried there. Mary Robeson was born on the Atlantic Ocean, 1850. Their son, William married Mary Holmes moved to Bellbrook, Ohio. Their daughter Hannah, married William Willson, their son, John married Sarah Willson and the Willson descendants, generally speaking live in Crawford Co., Pa. This information is given by Miss Maude G. Stewart and is not to be found in the Bucher Ayres Stewart records, but it is given here for interested readers. Ayres does mention that Mary, unmarried [incorrect, see page 14 A], died in East Liberty Allegheny Co., Pa., in 1868, aged 69. Nos. 22-28 belong to these seven children of John and Mary Stewart in order of age as given above.

7th. William Stewart, son of Hugh Stewart [No. 4], and his wife, Hannah Dallas Stewart, was born Oct. 21, 1757, in Pashon Twp. He married Martha Walker (?), 1780 and settled in Allegheny Co., Pa. They had seven children as follows:---

29th. Margaret, who married in 1808 James B. Robeson [No. 20] her cousin, had one son, William and one daughter, Jane. Margaret died in 1811 at Piqua, Ohio.

30th. Hannah, married George Duncan, had seven sons and 2 daughters, New Castle, Pa.

31st. Jane, married Samuel Glass, had 4 sons and 6 daughters. [Mary (Polly) Stewart, youngest child, daughter of John Stewart, 1753-1837, and Mary Robeson Stewart, 1750-1832. Born in Fayette Co., Pa., March 17, 1794. Died May 13, 1859. Bible. If she was 76 years of age the date should be 1869. She did not marry. She was very deaf in her later years. Her father, John Stewart, had served in the Revolutionary War. Her sister, Hannah Stewart, had married William Willson in Fayette Co., Pa., who was working for her father. They came up from Fayette County, with their eight children, to attend the wedding of John Stewart, 1788-1857, and Sarah Willson, 1811-1885. The wedding was Feb. 11, 1830 in North Shenango Twp., Crawford Co., Pa. John Stewart, 1753-1837, and his wife, Mary Robeson Stewart, 1750-1832 and their son, John Stewart, 1788-1857, had moved to Crawford Co., Pa., 1829 and had built their home in North Shenango Twp., later called Stewartville Post Office.

When William Wilson and his wife, Hannah Stewart Wilson, moved to Crawford County, they settled on a farm in South Shenango Twp., that Mary (Polly) Stewart and maybe her father, John Stewart, 1753-1837, had received as Revolutionary War Soldier and Daughter.

John Stewart, 1753-1837, gave his daughter, Mary (Polly) Stewart, a small Bible, 1806 edition, and in it are recorded the Stewart Family Vital Statistics. Mary (Polly) Stewart, must have moved with her sister, Hannah Stewart Wilson from Fayette Co., Pa., to the South Shenango farm. Mary Robeson Stewart died April 13, 1832. John Stewart died Aug. 10, 1837 in the Hannah Stewart Wilson farm home. They are buried in the Hartstown Cemetery, Fallowfield Twp., Crawford Co., Pa., with one gravestone.

When my uncle, Andrew T. Stewart, 1848-1927, had just about finished schooling, he wrote to my father, John Stewart, 1836-1894, in Wabasha Co., Minnesota, that Aunt Polly Stewart had died, May 13. No year date is stamped on the envelope, but Uncle Andrew must have been past 20 years old at that time. So it seems she must have died in 1869.]

32nd. Rebecca, married Thomas Glass, had 8 children.

33rd. Elizabeth, married Parker Lorraine, had 5 sons and 5 daughters, Allegheny Co., Pa.







34th. Martha, married Alexander Philips, had 7 sons and 4 daughters, Allegheny Co., Pa.

35th. James, married Jane McCregor [McGregor?] and had 4 sons and 8 daughters; subsequently married Miss Ross and had two children, Allegheny Co., Pa. [No. 7 was William Stewart third child; second son of Hugh Stewart, No. 4. See page 2 and also page 4.]

Martha Walker Stewart, first wife of William Stewart, No. 7, died in 1818 and was buried in the Union Cemetery, Allegheny Co., Pa., a United Presbyterian Cem. I [M. F.] have always been interested in Martha Walker Stewart because of an incident in her life. She was captured by Indians, who after burning the house, killed two children and took Martha and her sister captives; also a brother captive to Detroit and held them many months. Their father was Gabriel Walker who settled in Collier Twp., Allegheny Co., Pa., in 1772. No date of Martha’s death found.

William Stewart married a second wife, Mary ?. He had 10 children by both wives. William Stewart was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, applied for a pension. He died Mar. 29, 1829, Robinson Twp., Allegheny Co., Pa. Note: I seem to have missed recording the records of three members of Wm. Stewarts family, so they are as follows:--

36th. William, who married Elizabeth Cuthrel, had 4 sons and 3 daughters, Xenia Ohio.

37th. John of Guernsey Co., Ohio.

38th. Samuel, married Miss Wiley, had 4 children, Allegheny Co., Pa.

8th. Hugh Stewart, youngest son of Hugh and Hannah Dallas Stewart, was born in Pashon [Paxton] Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa., Oct. 21, 1759; in consequence of a deformity in his feet, unfitting him for active life, he became a teacher, and was a rigid disciplinarian; he settled in Red Stone County [Fayette], Pa., thence removed to Rush Co., Ind., near Flat Rock Creek. He married Mrs. Mary Wilson in 1795 and had two sons;

39th. Wilson [Stewart], married Jane Robeson [No. 16], his cousin, and had one daughter, Martha; married second time, Anna Johns and died in 1865, Milroy, Rush Co., Ind.

40th. Hugh Stewart, married Miss Seabright. He and his brother moved to Milroy, Rush Co., Ind., 1824. They were among the earliest settlers.

9th. Robert Stewart, son of Hugh Stewart [No. 4] and Nancy Moore Stewart, his second wife, was born in Pashon [Paxton] Twp., Mar., 8, 1765, was the only one who did not turn his footsteps westward, but passed his life in his native township on a patrimonial estate, bequeathed to him by his father. Married Mar. 10, 1789, Sarah Finney who was born Aug. 10, 1768 [Baptismal date which Rev. John Cuthbertson’s Diary is given as Oct. 9, 1768; were members of the Presbyterian Church. Rev. James Snodgrass performed their marriage ceremony. See Historical Sketch of Old Hanover Church by Rev. Thos. H. Robinson, D. D., page 24.]

[Sarah Finney was a daughter of Thomas Finney and Susanna Stewart Finney, my great, great, grandparents; M. Finney.] Sarah Finney Stewart died in 1811 and Robert Stewart died at the age of 80 yrs. and was buried in the Paxton graveyard. They had a family of 8 sons and 6 daughters, as follows:--

41st. Nancy Crace, born Jan. 19, 1790.

42nd. Susanna, born Nov. 5, 1791.

43rd. Thomas

44th. Robert, born Sept. 17, 1795

45th. Sarah

46th. Mary

47th. Jane, born Apr. 7, 1800







48th. Samuel, born April 22, 1802

49th. John

50th. Margaret

51st. William Crawford, born Aug. 22, 1810.

[Note by M. Finney- The mother of the above 11 children, was a sister of William Finney, my great-grand-father.]

10th. Samuel Stewart, son Hugh Stewart [No. 4], and second wife, Nancy Moore Stewart, was born in Paschon Twp., Mar. 5, 1767; about the year 1796 married Jane Patterson; and had a family, 8 sons and 4 daughters, as follows:--

52nd. James, born 1797

53rd. Robert, born 1798

54th. Hugh, born 1800

55th. Nancy, born 1802

56th. Flora, born 1804

57th. John W., born 1806

58th. Margaret, born 1808

59th. Samuel, born 1809

60th. Jane, born ?

61st. William, born 1813

62nd. Joseph, born 1816

63rd. Uriah P., born 1819

Samuel Stewart settled in Allegheny Co., 14 miles N. W. of Pittsburgh. He died in 1854, aged 70 years, was buried in Union Cemetery. Jane died in 1864, aged 95.

11th. Joseph Stewart, son of Hugh and Nancy Moore Stewart, was born in Paxton Twp., July 10, 1769; in 1792 he married Sarah Stewart, eldest daughter of Samuel Stewart, [nephew of Hugh, No. 4] known as Samuel Stewart of Hanover Twp. Their children, as follows:--

[Note by M. F. in explanation of why the list of these children is slightly changed. I have before me a list prepared by Miss Grace Edna Finney who is a direct descendant of Joseph and Sarah Stewart, which is slightly different from the Bucher Ayres list and I imagine her list is correct, so I am giving it, as follows:-- Her great grand father, James Finney, was a brother of my great great grand grand** father, William (Finney) and these two brothers married sisters, Sarah Stewart and Margaret Stewart, the latter, my great grand mother.

Children of Joseph Stewart and his wife, Sarah Stewart:--

64th. James Stewart, b. Dec. 17, 1793, married Susan Finney

65th. Samuel Stewart, b. Feb. 7, 1795, m. Sarah Barnett

66th. Nancy Crane Stewart, b. July 9, 1799, m. Elijah Finney, son of James Finney

67th. Joseph T. Stewart, b. Jan. 19, 1801, m. Prudence Ammon

68th. Sarah Stewart, b. Aug. 26, 1803, m. David Reynolds

69th. Charles Stewart, b. Sept. 5, 1807, m. Mary Duncan

70th. Mary Stewart, b. June 22, 1808, m. Samuel Holmes

71st. Jane Stewart, b. Dec. 15, 18__, m. Robert Stewart

72nd. Eliza Stewart

73rd. John Stewart

The Joseph Stewart family moved to Ohio in 1805, it seems.

12th. James Stewart [son of Hugh Stewart (No. 4), and his wife, Nancy Moore Stewart], was born in Paxton Twp. Feb. 29, 1774, married Nov. 17, 1803,


** This is the way it appears in the copy I have.- V.E.S.




Mary Sherer, daughter of Samuel and his wife, Elizabeth Barnett of Swatara Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa., and in 1805 moved to Ohio, as described under No. 11, Joseph. They had 3 sons;--

74th. Joseph Crane Stewart

75th. Samuel Sherer Stewart

76th. James Barnett Stewart

[The name Crane seems to be used frequently as a middle name and I have wondered why, but I have understood that it was Nancy Moore’s maiden name and that she was a widow when she married Hugh Stewart.] Mary Sherer Stewart died Oct. 21, 1807, one day after the birth of her second and third sons [twins], and she was the first adult buried in the Monroe Cemetery, then an open woods there in Ohio. Her grave was enclosed in a log pen.

James Stewart married again in 1808, Mary McClay Stewart, who was his second cousin; she was the daughter of Samuel Stewart of Hanover Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa.; they had one daughter.

77th. Nancy W.

Mary Stewart was born in Hanover Twp. In 1764, and was 24 years of age when she married James Stewart. She died in 1816 and was buried in the Monroe Cemetery. James Stewart married as his third wife, Margaret Reed, born Sept. 3, 1788, near Lewistown, Mifflin Co., Pa. They had one daughter named

78th. Mary Jane Stewart.

James Stewart was a United Presbyterian of the strictest Sect. The means of his death is thus described:-- Monday May 4, 1835, James Stewart with his wife and niece, Nancy Stewart [No. 79], oldest daughter of Charles Stewart [No. 13], was driving in a spring wagon on the public road a mile or two below Monroe; a large tree which stood by the roadside fell on them as they were passing, instantly killing the three persons; they were buried in the Monroe Cemetery.

13th. Mary Stewart, daughter of Hugh Stewart [No. 4], and Nancy Moore Stewart, his wife, was born in Paxton Twp., when in Lancaster Co., Nov. 27, 1778; she was married by Rev. James Snodgrass, Mar. 30, 1802, to Charles Stewart, one of her father’s nephews; rather the son of Hugh’s nephew, Samuel Stewart of Hanover Twp.; the same year. _____ they moved to Ohio and settled near Monroe, Butler Co., Ohio; as the state of Ohio was organized in 1802, they were among the earliest settlers. They were United Presbyterians [Strictly speaking, the United Presbyterian Church was not yet organized not till 1858, so these would have been members of the Associate or Associated Reformed which joined to form the U. P. Church.]. Mary Stewart died in 1853, aged 75 years, and is buried in the Monroe, Ohio, Cemetery. Charles Stewart, in connection with his cousin, Samuel Stewart, son of Elijah Stewart, and his brother-in-law, James Stewart, formed the United Presbyterian Church of Monroe, Ohio.

Charles and Mary Stewart had three sons and five daughters.

79th. Nancy, b. Jan. 12, 1805, accidentally killed May 4, 1835.

80th. Jane, born 1806, m. Robert Giffin in 1854 of Middle Fork, Ind. They had five children.

81st. Samuel Logan, b. 1809; in 1829 m. Elizabeth G. Bryson, who died in 1842, leaving 4 sons. Samuel married the second time in 1844 Mrs. Catherine Stryker and had one son, David Morton Stewart.

82nd. Mary, married in 1836, her cousin John W. Stewart [No. 57], son of Samuel Stewart.

83rd. Margaret, b. 1814, m. 1848 Elijah Patterson of Piqua, Ohio, a great-grand-son of Samuel, No. 2. They had three children. So he would be a grand-son of Mary Stewart who married Robert Patterson of Westmoreland Co., Pa.







84th. Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of Mary and Charles Stewart, as also the above Nos. 79-83, was born in 1815, and married Robert Stewart Robeson [son of James Stewart (No. 20) son of Hugh Stewart (No. 4) and Nancy C. Stewart, No. 41] of Piqua, Ohio, a great-grand-son of Hugh Stewart [No. 4] and his wife, Nancy Moore Stewart.

85th. John W. D. Stewart, b. 1818; in 1848 m. Martha Malory. They had 8 children.

86th. James R. Stewart, b. 1821; in 1845 m. Ann E. Cleeland [No. 110], great-grand-daughter of Hugh Stewart, No. 4. They had 5 sons and 4 daughters.

(39.) Wilson Stewart, had one daughter. See No. 9. His daughter Martha:--

87th. Martha, b. 1821, m. James P. Brown and had 7 children.

88th. Mary Jane

89th. Martha Ann

90th. Elizabeth

91st. Lucretia.

92nd. John.

(41.) Nancy Crane Stewart m. James B. Robeson [No. 29].

(42.) Susanna Stewart b. Nov. 5, 1791.

(43.) Thomas Stewart, b. May 21, 1794. In 1827 m. Martha B. Stewart, daughter of James B. Stewart of Clark Co., Ohio, son of Samuel Stewart [No. 1.]. Their children were:--

93rd. Nancy M. b. Oct. 14, 1853, m. Thomas Crane Robeson.

94th. Margaret S., b. Mar. 24, 1836, m. 1855 Jacob Pott. Died in 1862.

95th. Mary Ann, born Mar. 3, 1858; m. 1868 Martin Anderson.

96th. Martha R., b. Sept. 27, 1840; m. Michael Shocknessy.

Thomas and Martha [above] had one son, James C. Stewart b. Nov. 30, 1831 and who died Dec. 25, 1858, and one son, Benjamin, born Oct. 20, 1845.

(44.) Robert Stewart was born in Hanover Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa., Sept. 17, 1795, and is now living [1876] in his 82nd year on the farm on which he was born, which is situated about ten miles from Harrisburg in West Hanover Twp., on the road leading from Jonestown to Fishing Creek Valley, a short distance from Harrisburg and Jones-town road. He is 1829, married Sarah Barnett, who was born in same Twp. in the year 1806. She was grand daughter of Joseph Barnett, referred to previously. Their children were named:--

97th. Robert Crane Stewart

98th. Sarah Jane Stewart

99th. Margaret Elizabeth Stewart

100th. Nancy Rebecca Stewart

101st. Susan Mary Stewart

102nd. Thomas Barnett Stewart

103rd. John Joseph Stewart

104th. Harriet Caroline Stewart

105th. William Calvin Stewart.

Robert Stewart, father of the above [No. 44], died June 25, 1878, and was buried in East Harrisburg Cemetery; his wife, Sarah [Burnett] Stewart, died July 12, 1878 and was buried in the same place. [M. F. See No. 9, for what I am trying to say; enough explanation is given to make it quite plain.]

(45.) Sarah Stewart was born in Hanover Twp. May 22, 1797. She married John Cleeland of Clark Co., Ohio. Their children were:--

106th. Sylvester Cleeland

107th. Frank Cleeland

108th. Robert Cleeland

109th. J. William Cleeland