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110th. Ann Elizabeth Cleeland

111th. Sarah Caroline Cleeland

112th. Mary Charlotte Cleeland

113th. Margaret Cleeland

(46.) Mary Stewart, born in Hanover Twp., Nov. 30, 1798, m. John Rice of Middletown, Butler Co., Ohio. They had two daughters, named:

114th. Sarah

115th. Mary

(47.) Jane, b. April 7, 1800 [These two names are not given further;

(48.) Samuel, b. April 22, 1809 probably died in infancy.]

(49.) John Stewart was born in Hanover Twp., Sept. 20, 1803 and married his cousin, Nancy T. Beaty, July 24, 1831. She was the daughter of John and Nancy Beaty and the grand-daughter of Samuel Stewart. John Stewart died of cholera in 1849, and was buried in the Monroe Cemetery. His wife died _____. Their children:--

116th. Robert Sylvanus

117th. Sarah Agnes

118th. Margaret Angelina

119th. Mary Lavina

(50.) Margaret Stewart was born in Hanover Twp., Oct. 10, 1806 and married Henry Cramer of Wooster, Ohio. They had seven children, as follows:--

120th. Henry

121st. Michael

122nd. Margaret

123rd. Caroline

124th. Elizabeth

125th. Ann

126th. Mary

(51.) William Crawford Stewart, b. Aug. 22, 1810.

(52.) James Stewart, b. in Allegheny Co., Pa., in 1797, m. Nancy Patterson, of New Castle, Coshocton Co., Ohio, and they had 3 sons and 3 daughters, as follows;--

127th. Samuel

128th. John

129th. William

130th. Jane

131st. Margaret

132nd. Nancy

(53.) Robert Stewart, born in Allegheny Co., Pa., in 1798, married his cousin, Jane Stewart, No. 66, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Stewart, and had 2 sons and 2 daughters.:-

133rd. Samuel F.

134th. Joseph

135th. Sarah Jane, born in Rush Co., Ind.

136th. Margaret, also born in Indiana.

Jane Stewart, his wife, died in 1847 and was buried in Milroy Cemetery, Rush Co., Ind.

Robert subsequently married Margaret McCracken, who had two daughters, both of whom died young. They settled in Indiana in 1825.

(54.) Hugh Stewart was born in Allegheny Co., Pa., in 1800, married in 1831, Mary Linden. They had 12 children, all born in Allegheny Co., Pa. The survivors are named, viz.:--

137th. Samuel, b. 1836

138th. John D., b. 1848

139th. Hugh L., b. 1851

140th. Maggie A., b. 1859; m. James D. Robeson, 1865.**

141st. Nancy R., b. 1831; in 1858 m. S. N. Nealy.

** Mistype or something here. Could not have married at age 6.- V. E. S.





142nd. Marie, b. 1814

143rd. Harriet, b. 1842

144th. Rachael, b. 1844

Hugh Stewart, son of Hugh Stewart [No. 4], was married the second time in 1855 to Mrs. Sarah McClean.

(55.) Nancy Stewart b. in 1802, married in 1835 Henry Logan. Their children were named:--

145th. John, b. 1834

146th. Stewart, b. 1836

147th. Jane C. b. 1839

148th. William, deceased

(56.) Flora Stewart, b. 1804, m. 1833 to Robert Rayes of Allegheny Co., Pa. Had 4 children:--

149th. David, b. 1834

150th. Jane, b. 1836

151st. Samuel, b. 1837

152nd. John M., b. 1839

(57.) John W. Stewart was born in 1806; in 1836 married Mary Stewart, No. 82, his cousin, the daughter of Charles Stewart and Mary Stewart No. 13 of Butler Co., Ohio. John W. died at his home in Peoria Co., Ill., Feb. 11, 1866. Their children are as follows:--

153rd. Ulphi Ann, b. 1837

154th. Margaret Augusta, b. 1838

155th. Uriah James, b. 1840

156th. Jonah McClay, b. 1845

157th. Mary Jane

158th. Ruth

159th. Nada

160th. Edward Bruce, b. 1855

John W. and Mary Stewart had 12 children; the others all died young.

(58.) Margaret Stewart was born in 1808 and in 1833 married John Burns of Allegheny Co., Pa. Their children are:--

161st. Samuel, b. 1833 and married Rachel Foster

162nd. Mary, born in 1837, married William Howard

163rd. John Sylvester

(59.) Samuel Stewart [of St. Paul, Ind.] b. in 1809, m. Miss Archibald. Their children were named:--

164th. Harriet L., b. 1837, m. 1867 Elias Gardner

165th. Catherine A., b. 1842. [should be No. 166.]

166th. Martha, b. 1840, m. 1870. [should be No. 165]

167th. Sarah Magdalene, b. 1844

168th. Margaret C. born in 1846

169th. George C., b. 1848

170th. Irene, b. 1850

(60.) Jane

(61.) William Stewart of Milroy, Rush Co., Ind. B. 1813, m. Miss Walker. 7 children:--

171st. Samuel P.

172nd. John

173rd. James

174th. Junius

175th. Cynthia

176th. Samantha

177th. Ellen







(62.) Joseph Stewart of Allegheny Co., Pa., b. 1816 and in 1839 m. Hannah Glass, his cousin; their children, as follows:--

178th. Samuel G., b. 1841

179th. Janet M. born 1844

180th. Mary G. born 1846

181st. William J. b. 1849

182nd. John P. born 1851

183rd. Joseph P. born 1854

184th. Andrew D. born 1859

185th. Albert E. b. 1861

186th. Sadie A. born 1863

(63.) Uriah P. Stewart, Avilla, Noble Co., Ind., b. 1819 and in 1839 m. Miss M. A. Harbison; their children:--

187th. Samuel P. b. 1840

188th. Matthew H. b. 1842

189th. John b. 1844

190th. Anna J. b. 1847

191st. Joseph A. b. 1850

192nd. Robert J. b. 1853

193rd. Margaret E. b. 1856

194th. William H. b. 1859

195th. Mary Olivia, b. 1862

(64.) James Stewart, b. in Dauphin Co., Pa., in 1795, m. in 1819 Susan Finney, daughter of James and Sarah [Stewart] Finney, and died Sept. 18, 1864 at Evanston, Ill. They had 8 children, as follows;--

196th. Joseph P. b. 1820

197th. Sarah, b. 1822

198th. Mary Jane, b. 1824

199th. David, b. 1826

200th. John T. b. 1830

201st. Robert P. b. 1830

202nd. Uriah M. b. 1832 \twins

203rd. Jeremiah M. b. 1832/twins

(65.) Samuel B. Stewart b. in Dauphin Co., PA., in 1795, m. Nov. 2, 1824, Sarah Barnett, died 1871. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters [only three names].

204th. John Barnett Stewart b. 1825

205th. Joseph b. 1827

206th. Charles b. 1832

(66.) Jane Stewart

(67.) Nancy Crane Stewart, born in Panchon Twp. 1799, m. Elijah Finney her cousin; the relationship came through Elijah Stewart [see No. 3, Samuel Stewart, the father of Elijah Stewart, was we know an older brother of Hugh Stewart, who was the grandfather of Nancy Crane Stewart. Note, M. F. ][James Finney, bro. of Wm. Finney, my great grandfather, and these two Finney men married Sarah Stewart and Margaret Stewart, both daughters of Elijah Stewart, son of Samuel Stewart, No. 2, and Mary McClay, (see pg. 2) and Elijah Finney was the son of Elijah Stewart’s daughter, Sarah (2) wife of James Finney, that is the grand-son of Elijah Stewart and also the great grand-son of Samuel Stewart No. 3 (2) so Nancy Crane Stewart married her great uncle’s (Samuel Stewart) great grand-son. Sort of round-about. M. F.].

(68.) Joseph T. Stewart, b. in Paxton Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa., 1801, m. in 1832 Prudence Ammons, Butler Co., Ohio. They had three sons;--

207th. Sylvanus Dunlavy, b. 1834

208th. Erastus Spencer, b. 1837

209th. Augustus Lafayette, b. 1841

(69.) Sarah Stewart, b. in 1803; in 1824 m. David






Reynolds, of Piqua, Ohio. Died in 1870 leaving 4 children:--

210th. James

211th. Charles

212th. Alexander

213th. Isabel

(70.) Mary Stewart, b. in Butler Co., Ohio, in 1805, the year her parents moved westward from Dauphin Co., Pa.; in 1825 she married Samuel Holmes of Bell Brook, Ohio. They had a large family of children:--

214th. Mary, b. 1825, d. 1845.

215th. Sarah, b. 1827, m. Biggers.

216th. Hannah, b. 1829, m. James W. Robeson.

217th. Elizabeth, b. 1832, d. 1851.

218th. Nancy, b. 1834, m. Rev. W. A. Pollock.

219th. Amanda, b. 1837, m. Alexander Porter.

220th. Joseph, b. 1838, m. Sarah

221st. Julia, b. 1842.

222nd. Francis, b. 1845, m. Noah Patton**

223rd. Gabriela, b. 1851, m. John Beverage.

(71.) Charles Stewart married Mary Duncan.

(72.) Eliza Stewart [These names have been supplied from Grace Finney’s

(73.) John Stewart notes. M.F.]

12th. James Stewart, son of Hugh and Nancy Moore Stewart, was born in Paxton Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa., Feb. 29, 1774, m. Nov. 17, 1803, Nancy Sherer, daughter of Samuel Sherer and his wife, Elizabeth Barnett, of Swatara Co., Pa. In 1805 moved to Ohio, as described under No. 11, Joseph Stewart. Had 3 sons:--

(74.) Joseph Crane Stewart

(75.) Samuel Sherer Stewart

(76.) James Barnett Stewart

[Note: to explain that I have got off the track at this point. I turned back to supply the items for 71, 72, and 73, and so lost my place and so have wasted the lines beginning with the number 12th. This page will have to be recopied, but not at the present. M. F.)

(74.) Robert Crane Stewart [Springfield, Ohio], was born in Dauphin Co., Aug. 18, 1804, m. in 1826 Elizabeth Elder Stewart, daughter of Samuel Elder Stewart of Clark Co., Ohio, Elizabeth Elder Stewart, who was the oldest daughter of Robert Elder, merchant of Hanover, Pa. They had 5 sons and 5 daughters, as follows:--

224th. Mary Elizabeth, b. 1827; in 1846 m. Henry C. Dewitt.

225th. James Delingcourt, b. 1830

226th. Clarissa Jane, b. 1833; m. in 1854.

227th. Samuel Elder, deceased.

228th. Joseph Edwin, b. 1838

229th. Sarah Adelaide, b. 1840

230th. Juliana, b. 1842

231st. Hattie, b. 1844

232nd. Robert Elder, b. 1845

233rd. George H., b. 1848

[Note:-- To complete the record of Mary Elizabeth, above, she married Henry C. Dewitt of Clark Co., Ohio. Also to complete the record of Clarissa Jane, born in 1833, m. 1854 to Charles J. Rinehard of Springfield, Ohio.]

(75.) Samuel Sherer Stewart, son of James Stewart, No. 12, of James Station, Dearborn Co., Ind., was b. in Butler Co., Ohio, Oct. 20, 1807. Studied medicine and practiced first in Cincinnati, Ohio. Married and had one son; subsequently married in 1852, Maryann Churchill of New York; died in 1872.


** Note: Francis should likely read Frances.- V. E. S.



To Dr. Stewart is this family under great obligation, everlasting obligation, for the collection of data for the Stewart Family Record, from which the writer, [Bucher Ayres]has compiled the present work to in the line of Hugh Stewart and also a record of Samuel Stewart.

It was the design of Dr. Stewart eventually to prepare a record to publish for distribution among the family but death ensued in 1872, before the work could be accomplished. Having left a record of others, he failed to leave one for himself, therefore this brief notice by his son:--

234th. James Finney Stewart m. Miss Helena Jane Moore of Moore’s Hill, Dearborn Co., Ind. And they have two children:--

Wilber W. Stewart


Samuel Oscar Stewart

James Barnett Stewart, a physician and lives in Aurora, Dearborn Co., Ind., on the Ohio River, 24 miles below Cincinnati, Ohio.

(76.) James Barnett Stewart, son of James No. 12, was born in Butler Co., Ohio, Oct. 20, 1807, m. in 1828 Ruth Gordon of Warren Co. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Married the second time Mary Wade in 1844 and had one daughter.

Like his twin brother, he became a physician and practiced in Cincinnati, Ohio. His children:--

235th. Gordon Armstrong, b. 1832, is an attorney in Des Moines, Iowa.

237th. James Oscar, b. 1835, lives in Colorado.

238th. Anna Lucilla, b. 1840, m. W. D. Dean of Kenton, Ohio.

239th. Margaret, b. 1845; in 1867 m. Isaac Anderson of Venice, Ohio.

James Barnett Stewart died Sept. 17, 1851 and is buried at Spring Grove Cemetery, near Cincinnati, Ohio.

(77.) Nancy M. Stewart was born near Monroe, Butler Co., Ohio, May 15, 1812. She was the grand-daughter of Samuel Stewart as well as of Hugh Stewart. In 1835 married John Patterson of Monroe, Ohio, later of Piqua, O. They had five children;--

240th. Mary Adella, b. in 1854

241st. James Stewart, b. in 1835. He was a Lieut., Co. H., 26th Iowa Regiment and was killed at Arkansas Post, Jan. 11, 1863 in the War of Rebellion.

242nd. Rebecca Jane, b. 1840, m. John Denman.

243rd. Eudora Irene, b. 1845.

244th. Nancy Elizabeth, born 1847, married John Streat

(78.) Mary Jane Stewart was born near Monroe, Butler Co., Ohio, April 20, 1823. In 1840, in her 18th year, she married Edward Kimball of Cincinnati falling heir to the Homestead which her father settled in 1805; they moved to Monroe shortly after their marriage. They had 9 children, three of whom are dead. The following survive:--

245th. Alonzo A., b. 1842

246th. Fannie S., b. 1850

247th. Eugene Webster, b. 1855

248th. Henry Clay, b. 1857

249th. Laura Emma, b. 1859

250th. James N., b. 1867