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Family Bible Entries and Notes by Minnehaha Finney

[These appear in the copy of the Bucher Brochure that I received as added pages 14 A and B.- V.E.S.]


Dates of Death, copied from Bible:


  1. Hugh died in infancy, age five years.
  2. James Stewart died Sept. 1826. Age 35.
  3. Mary Robeson Stewart died April 13, 1832. Age 82, the mother.
  4. John Stewart died Aug. 8, 1837. Age 84 years. The father.
  5. Hannah Stewart Wilson died Oct. 8, 1851. Age 68.
  6. Wm. Stewart died Sept. 14, 1854. Age 72.
  7. John Stewart died July 18, 1857. Age 72.
  8. Mary (Polly) Stewart died May 13, 1869. Age 76.


Note: "The death of Sarah Stewart (Patterson) wife of William Patterson was not recorded in the (Stewart) Bible evidently. She died 1832. Age 46." M. Finney.


John Stewart, 1753-1837, Revolutionary War Soldier.

John Stewart, 1753-1837, son of Hugh Stewart, 1719-1798, and Hannah

Dallas Stewart, 1727-1760, of Dauphin County, Pa., was born in Paxtang, Dauphin Co., Pa., on July 2, 1753.

He enlisted, as a Private in the Continental Army of Pennsylvania at Paxtang, in Lancaster (now Dauphin) County, Pa., August 1, 1776. His name is in Capt. Joseph Sherer’s Company in 1776.

Copy: "Harrisburg, Pa., Jan. 21, 1904. To whom it may concern: I certify that the name of John Stewart appears on the Muster Roll, as a Private, in Capt. Joseph Sherer's Company, Fourth Battalion, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Col. James Burd, Page 309, Vol. 13, Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Edition of 1896." "Luther R. Kelker, Chief of Division of Public Records, Pennsylvania State Library."

In the Company of William Bell, he marched for a six-months tour. At Amboy, N. J., he was attached to the Flying Camp and on October 18, 1776, marched under Col. Clotz to For Lee on the North River. In November, they crossed to Fort Washington. British and Hessians attacked the Fort and the Americans surrendered, as prisoners on November 16, 1776.

He was taken prisoner and held captive on a prison-ship until January 12, 1777, when he was released on parole. In 1779, he settled in Fayette Co., Pa., and remained there until 1829, when he moved to North Shenango Twp., Crawford County, Pa. He was exchanged in 1779 or 1780. He had permission to go back and forth from Paxtang to the Red Stone area, Fayette Co., Pa. In April, 1779, he received an honorable discharge and drew a Pension from the State of Pennsylvania of $40.00 a year, payable at Meadville, Pa.

John Stewart died at South Shenango Township, Crawford Co., Pa., August 10, 1837 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Hannah Stewart Wilson, (Mrs. Wm.). He was buried in the Hartstown Cemetery, Fallowfield Township, Crawford County, Pa. His wife, Mary Robeson Stewart, 1750-1832, died at the same home April 13, 1832, and is buried in the same cemetery. (One gravestone for both together.)

John Stewart, 1753-1837, Revolutionary War Soldier, continued. He had applied for a U. S. Government Pension, August, 1776 to January 1777, five months and twelve days, but he was not entitled to a pension, which according to the Act of June 7, 1832, required a full six months service.








John Stewart married Mary Robeson about 1779, a sister of John Robeson of Dauphin County, Pa.

Several of the older relatives told Maude G. Stewart in 1898, that they knew John Stewart and had hear him tell of being in the Revolutionary War and of the suffering he had endured of the prison-ship.

Mr. James Stewart, 1830-1915, Espyville Station, Crawford Co., Pa.

Mrs. Rebecca Willson Elliott, 1815-1902, Espyville Station, Crawford Co., Pa.

Mrs. Isabel Willson Trace, 1813-1904, Kendallville, Ind., % Mrs. Eunice Fish.

Mr. Robert Blair, 1824-1919, Espyville Station, Crawford Co., Pa.

Members of D. A. R.:

Maude Gertrude Stewart, No. 29427

Nine Clair Stewart, No. 52021

Lillian Stewart, No. 239229


[Note: The % used above is in the copy I received; the spelling Nine Clair Stewart is as received.- V. E. S.]