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bulletHistorical Review of Dauphin County
bulletChapter 1
bulletThe Scotch-Irish Immigration
bulletThe Early German Settlers
bulletChapter 2
bulletJohn Harris, Trader and Pioneer
bulletEarly Assessment List
bulletNorth End of Paxtang, 1750
bulletNarrows of Paxtang, 1751
bulletWest Side of Paxtang, 1751
bulletSouth End of Paxtang, 1751
bulletReturn of Paxtang, 1756
bulletReturn of Paxtang, 1758
bulletPaxtangContinental Tax, 1779
bulletReturn of Middletown, 1779
bulletReturn of Upper Paxtang, 1779
bulletReturn of Upper District, Wiconisco, 1779
bulletReturn, Located Tracts, Wiconisco, 1779
bulletReturn, West End of Derry, 1756
bulletReturn, East Side Derry, 1758
bulletReturn, West Side Derry, 1758
bulletReturn, Derry Township, 1769
bulletReturn, Derry Township, 1770
bulletReturn, Frederick Town, 1770
bulletReturn, East End Hanover, 1750
bulletReturn, East End Hanover, 1756
bulletReturn, West End Hanover, 1756
bulletHanover Assessment, 1769
bulletHanover Assessment, 1782
bulletLeading Events to War for Independence
bulletThe Paxton Boys' Affair
bulletThe Hanover Resolutions of 1774
bulletThe "Buckshot War"
bulletThe County Centennial
bulletOrigin of Dauphin County Names of Places
bulletEarly Settlers in the "Upper End"
bulletHow the Early Settlers Lived
bulletSettlement of Uniontown
bulletSettlement of Wiconisco
bulletOld Settlers of Lykens
bulletThe Early History of Gratz
bulletEarly Families in the "Upper End"
bulletThe Lykens Valley Coal Development
bulletAndrew Lycans
bulletGenealogical Notes
bulletSome Early Deaths - Chapter 6
bulletMore Some Early Deaths - Chapter 6 cont'd
bulletSome Early Dauphin County Families
bulletFamily of the Founder of Harrisburg
bulletAllisons of Derry
bulletBalsbaugh Family
bulletBaums of Derry
bulletBrubaker and Meetch
bulletClark of Clark's Valley
bulletCochrans of Paxtang
bulletCrawfords of Hanover
bulletEnders Family
bulletFahnestock Family
bulletFetterhoff Family
bulletFox Family of Derry
bulletGeddes of Derry
bulletGeiger Family
bulletHarris Family of Derry
bulletHayes of Derry
bulletHershey Family
bulletHoffman of Lykens Valley
bulletMarcus Hulings and his Family
bulletHummel Family
bulletKelly of Londonderry
bulletLandis Family
bulletLaRue Family
bulletLeebrick Family
bulletKelly of Londonderry
bulletLingle Family
bulletMcClures of Paxtang and Hanover
bulletMitchell Family
bulletNissley Family
bulletRenick of Paxtang
bulletSawyer Family
bulletShelly of Shelly's Island
bulletSimpsons of Paxtang
bulletSloans of Hanover
bulletStewart of Paxtang
bulletStewarts of Hanover
bulletUmholtz Family
bulletWeise Family of Lykens Valley
bulletWiggins Family
bulletSome Industries of Harrisburg
bulletPennsylvania Steelworks
bulletChesapeake Nail Works
bulletCentral Iron Works
bulletHarrisburg Foundry and Machine Works
bulletW. O. Hickock Manufacturing Company
bulletLalance & Grosjean Manufacturing Company
bulletHarrisburg Manufacturing Company
bulletPaxton & Steelton Flouring Mills Company
bulletWoven Wire Mattress Company
bulletLykens Valley Coal Trade
bulletHummelstown Brownstone Company
bulletAmerican Tube and iron Company
bulletPaxton Furnaces
bulletShoe Industries